A project I'm really proud of. We had to position the german beverage: "Bionade" on to the dutch market. The project revolved around User Experience Design. How to create an experience around a brand.

Even though a school project, we contacted the dutch distributor and payed them a visit. Our end-product was handed to them after the project.

I created two seperate videos, one containing the research and findings, and the other the experience presentation.

(videos upcoming)

Team Bionicles


Process Orbition site

Currently the site is still being worked on. These are some designs that are disregarded and free for sharing thus far:


Video Introductions

These are some video introductions I did. The second one is the one I'll be using for the video's I'll be creating for my upcoming portfolio items.

This one was from a while ago. I used the nickname Roofpigeon quite a lot back then and that's also one of the reasons I replaced this by the next:


Flowin Motion

Back when I created this I was breakdancing with Cock van Nielen a lot, he had his own dance-school. I made some designs for him and this is the end-product:


Dominique de Brabander

Dominique is one of my partners in Orbition, and he asked me to make a design for his Portfolio. The requirements were to have everything in one page and to be modern.

First Draft

Second Draft


Break-It App

As one of our projects at the University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, we had to make something to stimulate the youth in Rotterdam to get out and move more.

We decided on an application for kids to give them a more easy way to get into the breakdance community and keep in touch with their friends.

This is our prototype.

This was one of the first projects in which we had to work according to a SCRUM-method. It was quite a new way of working for us.


Asshole Board

We were given the assignment to create a game to stop rude behavior in the city. We developed a boardgame where the players would have to do different assignments depending on the square they're on. The thought behind this would be to raise awareness to rude behavior and better oneself.

The Game


  • Bionade

  • Logo Proces ORBITION

  • Website Design ORBITION

  • Intro videos

  • Flowin-Motion

  • Dominique de Brabander

  • Break it App

  • Asshole Board

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
- Leonardo da Vinci


My name is Dave Koekebacker and I'm a Media Designer. I design for both mobile and web platforms. Next to mobile and webdesign I can also create logo's and corporate designs.

Apart from graphical design, I am also studying to become a better Interaction and User Experience Designer. These two aspects combined with Visual Designs can be a powerful combination.

Next to my studies I founded Orbition with two partners. Next to that I work as a sales advisor for the Phone House Netherlands. When I have spare time I like to breakdance and practise photography.

Dave Koekebacker

Visual Designer

Resume: click here


Experience Designer

Interaction Designer







"I have to change to stay the same"
- Willem de Kooning


Visual Design

I've been studying how to design for several different media, such as websites, mobile applications, print work such as business cards, flyers, posters etc. Please refer to my work to find some of my designs.

Interaction Design

During my studies in nearly every project I've done, I had to do research before starting doing anything. Dan Saffer's methods in research helped me out a lot. I would like to refer you to my work and in specific the Bionade project. This project revolved completely about research and Interaction.

Front-End Development

I know how to program HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and currently working on Jquery Touch. Furthermore I know how to read/adjust PHP/MySQL and Java. Because of this it's easier for me to work closely with programmers such as I'm doing with my two colleagues from Orbition.

Video Editing

I've done some projects including Video Editing and Animation. I hold the basic knowledge over Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. Refer to my work to see my videos.


Ever since I was little, photography interested me. When I started studying Multimedia Design, they offered me the option to borrow Mirror Reflex camera's and a photo studio to use. I followed several electives to increase my techniques.


Since I started Orbition with my partners, we've been concepting for different companies as to what we could mean for them. This is part of our method to find new customers, and its a fun creative way to get in touch with new potential customers.

"Our aspirations are our possibilities"
- Robert Browning


Where to find me

+31 646 417 571
Beukelsweg 47B, 3022 GD Rotterdam, the Netherlands